Unconventional black metal

Early years

Hanormale was born in 2009 due to a psycho project by Arcanus Incubus In 2010, the first album of the band (in those old days formed by the only Arcanus Incubus and Rod Vin.) comes to the light on the independent label Vomit Arcanus Productions. The title of the album is “Oni Monogatari”, and we are in front of a concept about Japanese Demonology. Each of the 12 tracks, as a matter of fact, is dedicated to the story of a Japanese Demon.

天照大御神 era

For the second album, 天照大御神, in 2015 Arcanus Incubus contacts drummer Marco Zambruni (memorable drummer of grinder Brainwash) asking him if he could play blast beat at 170 bpm for 40 minutes without a break. Marco accepts the challenge and after some training time, the two guys meet and record the drum tracks. At this rate other musicians played bass, piano, sax, flute, viola, violin, industrial percussion and didgeridoo, listening to the preceding tracks, extemporizes 40 minutes with his instrument, running the risk of entering the no return abyss of madness.


The only possible way to describe Hanormale’s 2019 new album “Reborn in Butterfly” in one way: “… ideas come from Chaos …” The album is introduced by the first track that deviates from the compositional method of the work, as a tribute to TWIN PEAKS and as a glue with the previous unmissable album.

Future scenarios

The collective of musicians dedicated to what they call ‘Unconventional Black Metal’ is currently at Carlo Meroni’s ADSR DECIBEL Studio for the realization of their fourth work.
In the creative flow of new songs, the band leader Arcanus Incubus felt the need to make some changes within the band.
In fact, Alessandro Mori (Devoid of Thought, Total Death) is added as the third drummer to support Mox Cristadoro and Marco Zambruni, always present in the lineup.
Alessandro played also a drums completely builts with bins, creating, once again, a unique sound to fit into the thousand layers of Hanormale.

In addition, the multi-instrumentalist Stefano Ferian (SYK, Psychofagist, Nakedyan) also joins the band as the new saxophonist.

Finally, Die Dref Recumry (Amaterasu Omikami’s lead singer), will also make an appearance on a track from the new album, and obviously there will be the special guest Gab from Deviate Damaen Once again, a one-of-a-kind job is expected, not to be missed!

Current line-up:

Arcanus Incubus
Synths, guitars, programming, backing vocals

Ste Naked


Marco Zambruni
Extreme drums

Mox Cristadoro
Progressive drums

Extreme industrial drums & percussions

Violin & Azzam M.P.A.

Aldous ‘Big Boss’ Colciago
Deep vocals

Arghangel Martyryum 999
Scream & growl

Stefano Ferian

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