Amaterasu Omikami

Hanormale - 天照大御神


  1. 天照大御神

Info & Line-up

Arcanus Incubus: guitar, ethnic percussions
Die Dref Recumry: post mortem vocals
G/ab: poetry
Ste Naked: bass
Marco “Big Fella” Zambruni: drums
Jeko: industrial percussions
Federico d’Ercole: piano
Emiliano Bazzoni: sax
Ilario Curiale: flute
Priscilla Panzeri: viola
Orazio Attanasio: violin
Igor Carravetta & Kriss Stefano Guasconi: didgeridoo
Davide Caragnano: pedalboard noises

Produced by Arcanus Incubus
Written by subconscious and coincidence, paying sounds and notes for 40 minutes.
Recorded at Alpha Omega Studio, ADSR Incubus Studio & Muscle Sound.
Engineered by Carlo Meroni
Mixed & mastered by Carlo Meroni at ADSR Incubus Studio between july 2014 and april 2015.
Design by Mauro Mantovani
Photo by Stefano Bazzon

Making of

Part 1 – Tracking Drums

Part 2 – Tracking Industrial Percussions

Part 3 – Tracking Bass

Part 4 – violino, viola, flute, sax, percussions, piano & reamping

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