Reborn in Butterfly

Hanormale - Reborn in Butterfly


  1. It is happening again (Instrumental)
  2. Like an hug, darkness embrace us all
  3. Human
  4. Satan is a status symbol
  5. Ghettoblaster blackmetal
  6. Hakuzosu
  7. Candentibus organis
  8. Rare green areas
  9. Al Tanoura
  10. Iperrealismo
  11. The search for the zone
  12. Requiem for our dead brothers

Info & Line-up

Arcanus Incubus: keyboards, synths, bitar, sampling, programming
Deimos: black guitar
Dirac Sea: red guitar
Ste Naked: bass, ashbory bass
Marco “Big Fella” Zambruni: extreme ‘8 snares drums
Mox Cristadoro: ad lib progressive drums
Archangel Martyrium 999: screams and growls euphona
Aldous “Big Boss” Colciago: deep vocals
Emiliano Bazzoni: sax
Luca Rampini: piano
Zrcadlo: violin
Igor Carravetta: didgeredoo, dammoi, khoomei
Jeko: industrial percussions
G/ab: vocals on “Rare green areas”
Federico d’Ercole: piano on “Iperrealismo”

Produced by: Arcanus Incubus
Paints: Marco Mantovani (except for Butterfly by Julia Pankratova)
All music composed and improvised by Hanormale (except “It isĀ  happening again – Laura Palmer’s theme by Angelo Badalamenti)
All lyrics written by Arcanus Incubus (except for “Candentibus organis” and “The Search for the zone”)
Recorded at Alpha Omega Studio and ADSR Studio from March 2017 to July 2018.
Engineered by Carlo Meroni at ADSR Studio, 2018

Making of

Part 1 – tracking Drums with Mox Cristadoro

Part 2 – double Drums with Mox Cristadoro & Marco Zambruni

Part 3 – tracking Bass with Ste Naked

Part 4 – Bass improvvisation with Ste Naked

Part 5 – tracking Ashbory Bass with Ste Naked

Part 6 – tracking Guitars with Dirac Sea

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